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Professional Services


OptimaPS delivers the best practice configuration that meets the global standard for network and security environment. With Experts lead the right procedures for configuration, we maintain all the requirements to bring network up and secure.
We provide 2 levels of configuration services; standard configuration where our team provides initial implantation and roll-out services according to the vendors’ standards..
Advanced configuration is applicable for complex projects with multi-vendor existence. We take our customer to a higher level by activating the major advanced features.


We successfully implement our customers’ products to meet their business objectives and ROI requirements. At optima, we provide vendor-based implementation plan of network and security products for and on behalf of customers, integrators, distributors, and vendors. Implementation services provide a full roll-out engagement during the downtime.


New innovative solutions evolve when we identify our customers’ needs and integrate the technologies together that results in creating a unique customized solution to triumph the best practices and fulfil your needs securely.

Health Check

OptimaPS assures that your IT system health is performing in accordance with vendors’ standards and measures. OptimaPS is involved in checking the inconsistencies, irregularities, and inefficiencies to guarantee optimal performance, review Software release, clear errors, and run any required enhancement.

Technology Migration

In dynamic Network changes, we help our customers to migrate and tune up the technology they have while taking into consideration achieving technology objectives. We empower customers environment with the latest technologies and lead the migration from zero to end.

Proof of Concept (POC)

Before fully committing to a solution that can significantly affect the future, OptimaPS Experts are engaged in POC planning and testing to demonstrate solution’s feasibility and assess the viability of a product or solution to ensure achieving your ideals.