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OptimaPS works in parallel with customers and governmental entities as ICT consultants providing them with integrated consultancy services. Taking into consideration the dynamic changes in Information and Communication Technologies, we lead to generate value, hands-on solutions, and secure business environment. We walk our customers through a consultancy journey starting from identifying customer requirements to developing, managing, and monitoring a customized strategic plan. We believe that knowledge transfer is an integral part of technology delivery.

Penetration Testing

OptimaPS Experts are the defenders against risks and vulnerabilities. They assess and assure the security resilience of the Network Security, Applications, Web application, Mobile applications , Active Directory security assessment & Adversary Emulation by delivering 3 approaches of penetration testing: White, Grey and Black Box . Accordingly, they highlight the resulted security vulnerabilities and find all potentially exploitable security vulnerabilities

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability assessment identifies and detects the rising vulnerabilities in customers networks. All the resulted vulnerabilities are ranked according to the risk matrix. OptimaPS is your alliance to protect confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your key systems and data. OptimaPS has adapted manual and automated methodologies for an on-time response and engagement.

Red Team Engagements

Ethical hacking is a real-life hacking activity conducted by Red Team troop that assess the clients’ infrastructure defences, monitoring, and response to Cyberattacks. Red team attempts to breach the client network and acquire access to a pre-agreed upon information. The attack’s scope is open to penetrating everything including Social Engineering however, business, software, and Infrastructure remain secure.

SOC Operations

As a leading consultant in the ICT industry, OptimaPS provides SOC building, revamping, and operational services. In addition, OptimaPS outsources a SOC analyst who works as part of your team to monitor and fight threats to the IT infrastructure, assess security systems, and measures weaknesses and possible improvements.

Blue Teaming Services

OptimaPS provides the market with the blue team services to ensure security, identify security flaws, and verify the effectiveness of each security measure. Customers will experience the incident response, on-time handling, Forensic Investigation, and Threat hunting services.

Data Center Blueprint

The modern data center continues to evolve in facing new computing trends such as big data, cloud computing, and mobility. OptimaPS provides customers with physical and logical LLD of data center. Besides, we adopt new ways of creating, deploying, and managing applications, which in turn, led to new working practices and new application architectures.

Security Compliance Programs

OptimaPS keeps customers up to date and supports in acquiring the Information Security Certifications (PCI-DSS or ISO 27001) according to the global standards. We start from scratch to build the required Info Sec documents for certification including the Info Sec policies, procedures, standards, and guidelines.

Application Stress/Load Testing

Applications acceptance services are conducted by OptimaPS on 2 levels; Load Test that determines the performance of an application under real life-based load conditions and Stress Test that verifies the stability and reliability of the system. This test particularly determines the system on its robustness and error handling under extremely heavy load conditions.